About Us

C Fox Kennels is a husband and wife team dedicated to Breeding and Training the finest “HUNTING DOGS” available today. To this end we are breeding the finest Llewellin Setters we can produce. With our aim to establish exceptional bird dogs for the foot hunter. At the same time being sure to produce the finest family dog you can find. These wonderful dogs are driven to find you birds while having a strong connection to their owner handler. Making them easy to hunt with because of their strong desire to please and work with us. These pups quickly become adept at hunting with range that is comfortable to each individual handler/owner. This all begins with a carefully planned line breeding program to produce the very best puppies we can. Followed by intensive socialization beginning immediately after birth thru the time they go home with you. Followed by our commitment to you to help your newest family member to succeed at the highest level possible.

one of our Girls "Grace" on point

Incredible beauty and bird wise beyond belief